5 Tips To Use Self Storage For Bulk Buying

17 May 2022
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Self storage is a great way to expand your home's useful storage space for a minimal investment. Could you use this extra space for bulk buying? More and more Americans are turning to off-site storage to save money and be more prepared for their family's needs. If you want to join them, here are a few important tips to follow.

1. Start Out Small

If you're new to bulk buying, you may want to begin with a smaller unit rather than a large one. First, you don't really know how your own bulk buying will go. It may not call for as much space as you expect. Second, filling a large storage area may seem overwhelming or even cause you to buy the wrong items. Remember, you can always upgrade.

2. Plan for Organization

Bulk buying only saves money if you buy the right items, know what you have or don't have, and can use these items when needed. This calls for good organization. Develop an inventory system. Take photos on your phone. Record what goes in or out. And come up with a category and location system so you can physically find things. 

3. Use Good Storage

How will you store your bulk items? Original packaging is usually a good choice, but plan for situations when that may be insufficient for long-term storage. Invest in plastic, vinyl, and treated wood storage containers. Use shelves and tables as well, keeping things off the ground and protecting them. 

4. Rotate Regularly

Develop a system for ensuring you use your bulk goods in the best order possible. After all, you aren't saving money if goods expire, become too worn, or go stale. The policy of 'first in/first out' is generally the best system, but you'll need a way to ensure that items are properly tracked and used.

5. Keep It Clean

No one wants a food pantry or home storage space that looks or feels unclean. View this unit as an extension of your home, and keep it tidy in the same way. Bring mats or rugs, keep a few cleaning supplies in the unit, and opt for an indoor unit if possible. 

Where to Learn More

Want more ideas for designing a useful self storage space for your bulk goods? Begin by touring the facilities at a self storage location near you. And be sure to talk with their experienced staff to learn from all the renters that have come before you.