Vehicle Storage Protects Your Car When You Don't Have A Place To Park It In Your Garage

1 May 2023
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If you have more cars than you have places to park them on your property, consider renting a vehicle storage unit. If your parking problem is temporary, you can rent a unit for a month, but you can also rent vehicle storage for longer. You usually pay monthly and can cancel any time you're ready to bring your car home. Here are things to know about vehicle storage.

Consider An Enclosed Storage Unit

You may have a choice between a plain parking space, a space under a carport cover, or an enclosed storage unit. An enclosed unit is best because it protects your car from rain and UV exposure. Also, if you park outdoors, you could possibly have trouble with pests. If you do park your car outdoors in the open, consider buying a car cover to keep your car protected as best possible.

If you decide to get a storage unit instead, be sure to get the right size so you have plenty of room to get your car in and walk around it. You probably won't need climate control unless you have a luxury car, and in that case, you may want advice from a car professional about how to keep your car in storage.

Have Your Car Documents With You

Ask the vehicle storage facility what documents you need to bring when you're ready to store your car. You may need a title and proof of insurance. If the car doesn't run, you may need to leave it on a trailer, so you'll want to make sure a trailer will fit in your storage unit. Even if the car doesn't run, you may still need insurance for it.

Provide Your Own Sturdy Lock

The vehicle storage facility you choose may sell locks, but if not, be sure to bring your own. Buy a sturdy lock that isn't easy to break open to ensure your car has the best protection. Also, check that the facility you choose has adequate security measures in place so you won't have to worry about your car while it's in storage.

Take Time To Prepare Your Car For Storage

Clean your car inside and out before storing it. Be certain your car is completely dry before putting it in storage or it might grow mildew inside. Cleaning your car inside gets rid of food crumbs and odors so pests won't be drawn to your car while it's sitting vacant for a long time in a vehicle storage unit.

You may also want to top off your gas and all the fluids. In addition, air up the tires and consider putting your car up on jacks since it's hard on tires to be parked for a long time. For more info, contact a company like Ship Creek Storage.