3 Advantages Of Renting A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

17 November 2021
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When renting a storage unit, one of the options you have to choose from is climate-controlled storage units or non-climate-controlled storage units. A climate-controlled storage unit can offer some unique benefits over other storage options.  

Extreme Temperature Protections  

One of the most significant advantages of renting a climate-controlled storage unit is that you get to protect your items against extreme temperatures. When it's freezing outside, the temperature will drop inside of your storage unit as well. That can impact different items that are more sensitive to temperature changes. For example, musical instruments, antiques, and wood furniture can all undergo cracking, splitting, or warping when the temperature gets too cold.  

Additionally, both temperature extremes can damage paperwork, books, and art. A climate-controlled unit is kept at a consistent temperature throughout the year, much like how your home would be.  

Better Air Quality 

Another advantage of a climate-controlled storage unit is that it will have better air quality than a standard storage unit. With a traditional storage unit, the air is just stagnated and sitting still. There is no circulatory system circulating the air around. With a climate-controlled storage unit, the air will be circulated around at a consistent rate to maintain the temperature.

Keeping the air moving around means that your items will not get that stale smell that is common when items come out of a storage unit. Moving air can also help to protect your documents and electronics from damage as well. For example, when you pull out your clothing, they will not have that damp, stale smell to them. They will retain a fresh smell. The same goes for other items that can pick up stale smells in storage, such as books and furniture. 

Less Dust 

Finally, with a climate-controlled storage unit, the buildings they are placed in are better insulated and sealed to allow for the efficient use of energy to control the temperature in the building. That means that less dirt, debris, and insects will make their way into your storage unit, helping to increase the protection of your items further. Your items will stay cleaner as the building they are in will have better-insulated roofs, walls, and doors.  

Renting a climate-controlled storage unit provides you with a storage space where the temperature is controlled, the air quality is better, and less dust and debris will get into your storage unit. You will get a better all-around storage unit experience.  

For more information, contact a climate-controlled storage facility near you.