Top Amenities You Can Expect From Self-Storage Facilities

15 March 2021
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There are many reasons why you might need to use self-storage units — switching homes, decluttering your apartment, storing a vehicle, and storing excess inventory, just to name a few. But are you aware that self-storage units are more than four-walled rooms with high-ceilings based on the other amenities that they offer? Below are some amenities you get in self-storage facilities.

Climate-Controlled Units

Some items you want to store may be susceptible to damage if exposed to high humidity or extreme hot/cold temperatures. For example, things like wine, musical instruments, or artifacts want to be stored in an environment with steady humidity and temperature. Wooden items can also expand or contract if stored in extremely fluctuating temperature conditions. 

Luckily, some self-storage facilities offer climate-controlled units and lockers to cater to all types of goods. You can rest assured that you will get your items in perfect condition. 

Top-Notch Security

When looking for a storage facility, one of the things to consider is your products' safety. For instance, if you are storing your vehicle, home valuables, or sensitive documents; you want a storage facility that guarantees you will get back all your things without a single item missing.

Self-storage units are fitted with top-notch security features to keep your stuff safe. While the security features will differ from one facility to another, some common features include 24-hour surveillance cameras, alarm locks and doors, fenced-perimeter walls, passcode-protected gates, outdoor and indoor lighting, and intruder alarms. 

Essential Equipment

If you're storing many valuables, packing, moving, and unpacking may be a huge challenge. Besides, some of your things may be too large or irregular in shape, making them difficult to store.

Self-storage units are created to accommodate different types of goods, meaning you don't have to worry about the nature of your products. They also have supporting equipment to facilitate moving and storage, such as carts and trolleys, large access doors, loading bays, and ladders. This eases the entry, storage, and exit process from the storage facility.

Quality Customer Service

If you're moving to a new location, it's common to feel overwhelmed. If you have many belongings, you might be wondering whether to opt for temporary storage or downsize some of your things. During such a time, you need to have people around you to cope with the stress. 

Self-storage facilities have trained staff members to help their customers with the storage process. Whether you're looking to downsize your belongings or temporary storage, you can count on them for professional advice. As a result, the whole process becomes more manageable than you had expected. 

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