A Guide to Common Storage Unit Locations

14 February 2017
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Choosing a storage unit should be an easy task, and it often is, but there are a few questions you'll have thrown at you that you might not have been expecting. One of these is the location of the unit within the facility—not just the geographical location, but indoor vs. outdoor, and so on. There are times when one type of unit is much more appropriate than another.

Ground Level, Exterior Door

These are your stereotypical storage units, the ones that you drive right up to and that have the rolling metal door. These are perfect for items that can get a little dusty, as well as for very heavy items that shouldn't go on upper floors. The metal doors provide good security. Plus, you really can drive right up to them and unload your car or truck directly into the unit.

The drawbacks are that pests can get into the unit (as there's nothing but a closed door between your stuff and the outside world), and dust can be an issue—cover everything carefully.

Upstairs Via Stairs

These units are inside buildings accessible through locked doors, so there's an added layer of security. The doors can be either roll-up metal or wood swinging doors. These are good for times when you're storing lighter items because you are going to have to go up at least a flight of stairs, if not more, and possibly down a few hallways.

The drawbacks are stairs, of course. You really do have to be sure you'll be okay using those over and over again.

Upstairs Via Elevator

Technically, these indoor units are accessible by stairs as well, but the most direct route to the unit will be through an elevator. These units, usually available in most sizes, are great for situations in which you want the extra security but also know that constantly walking up and down stairs is going to wipe you out. Storage facilities often have wheeled carts that you can use to carry in a lot of boxes at once to these units.

The drawback is that you're slightly reliant on that elevator working. Again, you can find stairs to get up to the floor your unit is on (that's a basic safety feature of any building), but if you have a lot to put in there, and the elevator is undergoing maintenance that day, you could have a tough climb ahead.

You can always go to a storage facility and see the locations of different types of units. Keep in mind your strength and health, as well as they amount of security you want, and you should be able to find a great unit. Learn more by contacting companies like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc.