Perks Of Using A Storage Unit For Your Handmade Craft Business

1 September 2016
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If you're an avid contributor to your local "maker" scene, selling handmade crafts and other wares at craft shows and through peer-to-peer websites such as Etsy, you typically want to keep a substantial stock of products and supplies on hand so that you can quickly fulfill orders. This can mean that your business can quickly take over your home, which might not be something that you want. A solution to this conundrum is to rent space at a self-storage business in your city. This venue will provide you with many benefits that you can use to help your business flourish. Here are some specific perks.

Added Space

The availability of a significant amount of space is arguably the biggest perk to moving your handmade craft business to a storage facility. Unless you have a dedicated room at home, you might find that you're constantly setting up a crafting area and putting it away when you need to use the room for something else. Additionally, if you stock a significant amount of products and supplies, it can be difficult to find the space for these items, much less keep everything organized in a systematic manner. With a storage unit, space won't be an issue. You can line the walls with shelving that allows you to keep all of your goods clearly organized.

An Interruption-Free Workspace

When you're working on handmade crafts in your home, interruptions and distractions can quickly put you behind schedule. For example, if you're constantly dealing with your children or spouse, the family pet or other distractions, it can be difficult to complete your crafts in a timely manner. A solution is to set up a work area in your storage unit, whether it's a desk surrounded by your supplies, a workbench or any other type of specific work area that is conducive to your craft. You can then visit the space and work interrupted.

No Security Issues

If you have a buyer who wishes to purchase items from you in person, you might not want to have a stranger come into your home. You likely won't feel concerned, however, about having the person meet you in the parking lot of the storage business. This area typically has a high amount of traffic from other unit renters, which means that you won't feel isolated and you won't have to worry about a stranger coming into your home when you complete the transaction.

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