Should Your Stuff Be In Climate Controlled Storage?

31 August 2016
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Renting a storage unit at a facility like North Star Mini Storage is a great option for keeping things that you don't use very often or for storing items that you just don't have the room for in your current living situation. However, you should think carefully about what you place in a standard storage unit. Many items can become damaged unless they are kept at a certain temperature. Here are some examples of items you should keep in a climate controlled storage area. 


Anything made of wood is subject to damage during changes in temperature. Wood expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall, and these changes can cause the wood to warp or crack. Solid wood furniture is too valuable not to protect from outside influences, particularly if the piece is one that you feel emotionally attached to. 

Musical instruments are another example of wooden items that should not be left to the elements. Guitars, pianos, violins and other instruments can change shape in fluctuating temperatures. Changes in shape mean changes in sound quality. 


A combination of oxygen and moisture will cause metals to rust. Keep metal items out of humid conditions to keep this from happening. 


Many people choose to store out-of-season clothing in a storage facility, freeing up space in their closets. Carefully consider the way you pack clothing and other fabric items. Too much moisture can cause fabric to mildew and smell. 

Special clothing like wedding gowns should always be kept in a climate controlled environment to prevent damage. 


You may think your important documents are safe in a filing cabinet, but the truth is that paper is susceptible to damage. Temperature changes can cause ink to fade over time, and moisture can make paper fall apart or yellow. 

Paintings are another item that should always be kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. When artwork is exposed to sunlight and moisture, it can fade or even grow mold. Art galleries always keep paintings at a safe temperature. 

Photographs can also be damaged and fade when not protected from moisture. Photo paper may also melt in high temperatures, causing photographs to stick together. Stamps, baseball cards, and other paper-based collectibles fall into this category as well. 

In general, items that are worth storing are worth storing properly, and a climate controlled facility is a good idea for all of your possessions. Pay particular attention, however, to items made from the materials mentioned to keep your stuff safe and sound until you are ready to use it again.