4 Ways to Save Money on Self-Storage

31 August 2016
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Renting out a self-storage unit is a great way to help reduce the number of belongings you are keeping inside of your home. A storage unit gives you the opportunity to store away belongings that you do not need at the moment. However, it's important that you consider how you can save money on your monthly self-storage rental rate. This way, you are getting the most out of your unit possible. Here are four ways to save.

  1. Go Through It:  Every once in a while you should go through your storage unit to determine what belongings you still want to keep and what you can potentially donate or throw away because you don't have any use for them anymore. This can help you downsize, which can potentially lead you to be able to rent out a smaller storage unit. When you do this, you save money and simplify your life as well. 
  2. Pack It Tightly: In order to ensure that you are making the most out of your space and definitely renting a unit that is the right size, you can be sure that you save money by using the smallest possible unit. You will want to do this by also packing your belongings as tightly as you can. The unit should be organized, and everything that can go in boxes should be stored away in these boxes neatly so that all items that need boxes can fit. 
  3. Decide If an Extra Room Is Cheaper: To ensure that your money is being well spent on a storage unit, it's best to compare the cost of renting a storage unit to the cost of upgrading to a larger apartment or home. Moving to a larger home or apartment is typically not ideal, so it's important to find a storage facility that offers rates that are lower than the cost of upgrading your living space. 
  4. Find Discounts:  Always take advantage of discounts when looking for a storage facility to rent from. This way, you are saving more money. You should also take advantage of discounts that are offered for current renters. For example, some storage facilities will offer a discount when you pay for the cost of the storage unit in full for a year. If you are able to do this, take advantage of this deal. 

When you know these four ways to save money on self-storage, you can be sure that you are making the most out of it. Go to sites of self-storage companies in your area to find out what kinds of rates you can get.