How To Store Dead Media: Cassettes, VHS, Cds, And Records, Oh My!

30 August 2016
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Collectors take pride in his/her collections of music or videos. If you are trying to consolidate your home and pack up some of the unused items, it is essential to understand how to store the dead media. Consider storing them within a climate-control area to protect them. Here are a few suggestions to help with the process.

Keep the Temperatures Moderate

It is essential to protect your records and other items from hot and cold temperatures as well as humidity. The basement, garage, or attic is a bad place unless it is a climate-controlled area. Media can melt or become warped if left in similar spaces (without climate control) of the home or self storage unit.

Use Proper Packing Materials

It is essential to use a hard case to protect the media. For example laser discs including CD or DVDs can receive laser or disc rot when the reflective layer of aluminum begins to oxidize. The cover will also prevent scratches or other reactions to contaminants. Laser rot appears with colored dots or lines on the screen when the disc is playing.

Media boxes can be used which are designed to hold VHS cassettes or CDs. Using a sturdy plastic or wooden box for albums is always an economical choice. Many times, thrift shops or vintage shops have these types of cabinets for sale.

Provide Added Protection

Record albums should be stored in its inner sleeves to protect them from dust. You need to clean them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth before you store them. It is advisable to use a record cleaning machine. Check with a music store for a machine if you don't have one. Many times, you can rent one or if you are handy, craft one of your own for approximately $50.

Stack Each Piece of Media

Did you ever wonder why records and tapes are always stacked the way they are? They look nice, but the bottom line is they should be stored upright to prevent any damage. Storing each album or other media choice is best if you have the original cover.

However, if you don't, you can purchase an album cover/holder that has several connected sleeves. You can make also make your own protective sleeve using parchment paper. Also, place parchment paper between each album cover. This protective layer will prevent the light or dark colors from rubbing off on other albums.

These are some of the ways to protect your valued dead media. Packing them away safely will allow you to open the box and enjoy the music or other data for many years to come.